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  • H28  Smart Bracelet
  • H28  Smart Bracelet
  • H28  Smart Bracelet
H28  Smart BraceletH28  Smart BraceletH28  Smart Bracelet

H28 Smart Bracelet

Compatible with apple IOS system, Android system smart Bracelet (support I0S8.0, Android more than 4.3)
Main function:
1. sleep control: deep sleep / shallow sleep, monitor your sleep length and sleep quality, silent alarm clock, wake you up while not noisy people around you,
2. sports monitoring, pedometer, mileage, calorie consumption, QQ, WeChat, SMS alerts.
3. heart rate test, keep abreast of your heart rate, healthy and normal.
4. language: Chinese, English, German, French, Spanish (multilingual, customizable languages)
5. interface: fuselage comes with contact charging port
6. parts: instructions for use
7., packing: high-grade carton packaging (gifts on tall)
Product parameter
Motherboard chip: NRF51882-AC
Step sensor: KX022
Heart rate IC:CR1303G
APP language support: Chinese, traditional Chinese, English, Russian, Spanish, Ukraine, French, Japanese, Italian, German, korean,
Compatible system requirements: Android4.3 or above system, iOS8.0 or above system
*Screen display: 0.86 inches OLED
*Screen pixels: 96*32dpi
*Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 4
*Bluetooth connection distance: 8-12 meters
*Battery capacity: 50mAh
*Standby time: 15 days
*Charging current: 50mA
*Charging mode: contact type charging (clip type)
*Average operating current: 6 Ma
*Average standby current: 30 A
*Operating voltage: 3.7V
*Operating temperature: 0~40 DEG C
*Operating humidity: 5%~95% is not solidified
*Product size: 20.9*12.6*146~210mm
*Product color: black, purple, orange
*Product material: main body: PC
*Strap: TPU
*Net weight: 25.4g
*Waterproof coefficient: IP X6
*Test certification: CE, FCC certification

Product function
*Time display: support
*Date display: support
*Heart rate monitoring: support
*Step by step display: support
*Distance display: support
*Heat consumption display: support
*Call reminder: support
*SMS reminder: support
*Control camera: support
*Alarm clock: support
*Sleep quality test: support
*Wireless Bluetooth connectivity: support
*Battery charge protection: support
*Button: touch button
*Mobile anti lost: support
*Sedentary reminder: support
*QQ, WeChat reminder: support
*Find Mobile: support
*Firmware update: support
*12/24 time switching: support
*Switch function: support
*English toggle: support


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