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  • Aenfor Mouse Pad
  • Aenfor Mouse Pad
  • Aenfor Mouse Pad
Aenfor Mouse PadAenfor Mouse PadAenfor Mouse Pad

Aenfor Mouse Pad

  • 1.The aluminum mouse pad is a highly stylish mouse pad, which made out of aluminum, it can durable enough to withstand long hours of gaming, working, studying, and more
  • 2.Compatible with Macbook, computers, laptop and so on
  • 3. Non-slip silicone through force and stamina of performance testing, and rubber padding on the bottom absorbs vibration and prevents it from sliding on a desktop;
  • 4.Classy sleek looking, slim and light weight, easy to clean, easy to scrub stains
  • 5.Players feel smooth and delicate quality of high-precision light cutting silicone slip
  • lassy and stylish Aluminum mouse pad brings you a smooth experience when you browsing the web ,editing videos, playing games, working and study. 

    Don’t worry about your mouse pad gets a broken hole after long times friction between your wrist, just enjoy this Aluminum mouse pad’s solid and durable.

    How to clean it? 
    Aluminum won't absorb liquid, making it resistant to spills.
    You could just lightly wipe any spilled liquid by a clear mop or clear the dust even by a piece of paper
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